Jackie Mertens

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Jackie Mertens

Jackie Mertens is one of the most successful amateur retriever trainers ane breeders in North America. She has trained and titled numerous FC/AFC retrievers.

Jackie is a six time finalist at the National Open and National Amatuer Championships. She won the National Amateur with her NAFC FC Topbrass Cotton who also is the all time high point golden retriever in Field Trial history.

Jackie's retriever puppy training video starts with a 7 week old pup through 8 months old. It covers many topics such as puppy socialization, obedience training and introduction to field work. This 80 minute program is recommended by top breeders and trainers worldwide.

1 DVD set includes 80 minutes of instruction and demonstrations.     

$39.95 plus $6.95 s/h in US and $10.95 s/h in Canada




Sound Beginnings Puppy Training Topics

Basic Puppy Obedience
Introducing the Tools of Training
Your Puppy's First Retrieves
Introduction to Water
Developing a Positive Water Attitude
Puppy Drills
Preparing Your Pup for Advanced Training