Training with Mike Lardy V I

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Training with Mike Lardy Volume I

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This spiral-bound collection of Mike’s Retriever Journal articles, covers the detailed steps from basics through transition and advanced retriever training. Other topics include steadiness, marking, and guidelines for e-collar use.

Whether you train for hunting, field trials or hunt tests, you will find this an invaluable aid for understanding and applying the most modern methods of retriever training.

These 22 photocopied articles are a great companion to the Total Retriever video series.

Training with Mike Lardy Volume I  includes s/h in US   $29.95





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Training with Mike Lardy VI Topics

Training Flow Chart
The Right Start
Basic Obedience
Force Fetch
Stick Fetch and Simple Casting
Collar Conditioning
Afater Collar Conditioning
Pile Work
Double T
The Swim-By
Pattern Blinds
Water Cheating
Introduction to Cold Blinds
Drills for Transition
Advanced Training and the Factors
Other Topics:
Introduction to Retired and Hidden Guns
Guidelines for Correction
Field Trials, Hunt Tests, and Gun Dogs:
    Are They in Conflict?
Buying a Started Dog
7 Days in November
The E-Collar: A Response